Steven Hawley - Writer

Steven Hawley - Writer

Steven Hawley is the writer of Recovering a Lost River a book that inspired the documentary film Dam Nation by Patagonia.

Steven is a senior correspondent at The Drake Magazine and his work has appeared in Outside Magazine, High Country News, Fly Fisherman, Patagonia, The Seattle Times, and the Oregonian.

Steven is currently authoring a book that will be published by Patagonia Books in 2019.

Alessandra Pasquino

Alessandra Pasquino - Executive Producer

Alessandra has over 15 years of experience on domestic and international projects ranging from documentaries and ethnographic films to multimedia art exhibits, music videos and commercial branded content.

 Amongst directors, artists and celebrities that she has worked for are: Oliver Stone, Leonardo Di Caprio, Klaus Kinski, Wayne Wang, David Ashwell, Rupert Wainwright, John Lindauer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Gregory Colbert, Matthew Rolston and most recently Joan Jett.

 Throughout her life Alessandra has maintained a strong bond and passion for the outdoors and for mountain cultures. She has climbed widely in the Alps and Sierras. Her mountaineering endeavors in the Himalayas have included climbing on the Tibetan side of Mt. Everest with a non-commercial expedition.

Michael Peterson - Director

Michael Peterson - Director

Michael Peterson is a documentary film director and photographer.

Peterson’s visual effects film credits include Independence Day, Armageddon, Contact and Star Trek First Contact.  He has worked on dozens of music videos and national broadcast commercials.

A decade ago Peterson left Hollywood and moved back to the Northwest.  His love of the outdoors and passion for the preservation of the land, animals and those who live in it lends the imagery he captures to be timeless and relevant.

Most recently Peterson directed The Rapid Decline of the Lower Deschutes River.  This short film depicts the recent environmental tragedy taking place on this Oregon waterway.